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Title   Challenges on field monitoring of indoor air quality in china
Corresponding Author   Huang Yu
Year   2017
Title of Journal  
Volume   26
Number   4
Page   576-584
Abstract   Field monitoring is critical in the examination of indoor air quality (IAQ) which offers an integrated assessment of human exposure. A good measurement protocol includes appropriate methodologies and compliance of quality control and quality assurance procedures. In China, there has been a huge economic growth in the past 20 years and living standard for Chinese citizens has been improving with a rapid development in urban cities and infrastructures. With these developments, there have been a growth of increasing pollution sources, and IAQ has been a major concern to the government and many Chinese citizens with widespread reports of the coherent health impacts. However, the indoor monitoring in China is full of technical challenges. In this paper, we review the difficulties in conducting IAQ assessment in China. Techniques and practical consideration have been proposed accordingly.
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