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Urban air quality management in Xi'an Cao, Junji Cao Junji 2018 27 1 3-6
Visible-light-driven N-(BiO)(2)CO3/Graphene oxide composites with improved photocatalytic activity and selectivity for NOx removal Chen, Meijuan Huang Yu 2018 430 137-144
Enhanced photocatalytic degradation of ciprofloxacin over Bi2O3/(BiO)(2)CO3 heterojunctions: Efficiency, kinetics, pathways, mechanisms and toxicity evaluation Chen, Meijuan Huang Yu 2018 334 453-461
Response of carbon isotopic compositions of Early-Middle Permian coals in North China to palaeo-climate change Ding, Dianshi Liu Guijian 2018 151 190-196
Microbial production of long-chain n-alkanes: Implication for interpreting sedimentary leaf wax signals Li, Gaoyuan Li Gaoyuan,Huang Yongsong 2018 115 24-31
Characterization of isoprene-derived secondary organic aerosols at a rural site in North China Plain with implications for anthropogenic pollution effects Li, Jianjun Wang Gehui,Zhu Tong 2018 8 535
Heavy metals (As, Hg and V) and stable isotope ratios (delta C-13 and delta N-15) in fish from Yellow River Estuary, China Liu, Yuan Liu Guijian 2018 613 462-471
Enrichment and distribution of trace elements in Padhrar, Thar and Kotli coals from Pakistan: Comparison to coals from China with an emphasis on the elements distribution Munir, Mehr Ahmed Mujtaba Liu Guijian 2018 185 153-169
Towards global sustainability: Education on environmentally clean energy technologies Nowotny, Janusz Nowotny, Janusz 2018 81 子辑2 2541-2551
Seasonal variations of C-1-C-4 alkyl nitrates at a coastal site in Hong Kong: Influence of photochemical formation and oceanic emissions Song, Junwei Lai Senchao, Lee Shuncheng 2018 194 275-284
Centennial- to decadal-scale monsoon precipitation variations in the upper Hanjiang River region, China over the past 6650 years Tan, Liangcheng Tan Liangcheng 2018 482 580-590
Combining stable carbon isotope analysis and petroleum-fingerprinting to evaluate petroleum contamination in the Yanchang oilfield located on loess plateau in China Wang, Yiping Liang Jidong 2018 25 3 2830-2841
Large-scale soil organic carbon mapping based on multivariate modelling: The case of grasslands on the Loess Plateau Wang, Yinyin Shangguan Zhouping 2018 29 1 26-37
In situ g-C3N4 self-sacrificial synthesis of a g-C3N4/LaCO3OH heterostructure with strong interfacial charge transfer and separation for photocatalytic NO removal Wang, Zhenyu Huang Yu,Cao Junji 2018 6 3 972-981
Spatial distributions, fractionation characteristics, and ecological risk assessment of trace elements in sediments of Chaohu Lake, a large eutrophic freshwater lake in eastern China Wu, Lei Liu Guijian 2018 25 1 588-600
Role of microphysical parameterizations with droplet relative dispersion in IAP AGCM 4.1 Xie, Xiaoning Xie Xiaoning 2018 35 2(SI) 248-259
Comparative effects of biochar-nanosheets and conventional organic-amendments on health risks abatement of potentially toxic elements via consumption of wheat grown on industrially contaminated-soil Yousaf, Balal Liu Guijian 2018 192 161-170
Freshwater radiocarbon reservoir age in the lower Yellow River floodplain during the late Holocene Yu, Shi-Yong Yu Shiyong 2018 28 1 119-126
Retention mechanisms of ash compositions on toxic elements (Sb, Se and Pb) during fluidized bed combustion Zhou, Chuncai Liu Guijian 2018 213 98-105
Characteristics of the coal quality and elemental geochemistry in Permian coals from the Xinjier mine in the Huainan Coalfield, north China: Influence of terrigenous inputs Ding Dianshi Liu Guijian 2018 186 50-60