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Severe haze in northern China: A synergy of anthropogenic emissions and atmospheric processes An, ZS An Zhisheng 2019 116 18 8657-8666
Toxicity assessment of molybdenum slag as a mineral fertilizer: A case study with pakchoi (Brassica chinensis L.) Chen, D Chen Yiping 2019 217 816-824
Contrasting responses after fires of the source components of soil respiration and ecosystem respiration Chen, J Cao Junji 2019 70 3 616-629
Mechanistic and kinetics investigations of oligomer formation from Criegee intermediate reactions with hydroxyalkyl hydroperoxides Chen, L Huang Yu, Cao Junji 2019 19 6 4075-4091
Atmospheric Processing of Loess Particles in a Polluted Urban Area of Northwestern China Chen, Y Cao Junji, Yang Fubo 2019 124 14 7919-7929
Evaluating the soil quality of newly created farmland in the hilly and gully region on the Loess Plateau, China Chen, YP Chen Yiping 2019 29 5 791-802
A Late Pleistocene and Holocene vegetation and environmental record from Shuangchi Maar, Hainan Province, South China Dodson, J Dodson John, Yan Hong 2019 523 89-96
Distinctions in source regions and formation mechanisms of secondary aerosol in Beijing from summer to winter Duan, J Huang Rujin 2019 19 15 10319-10334
High-resolution simulation of wintertime fossil fuel CO2 in Beijing, China: Characteristics, sources, and regional transport Feng, T Zhou Weijian 2019 198 226-235
Secondary organic aerosol enhanced by increasing atmospheric oxidizing capacity in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei (BTH), China Feng, T Li Guohui 2019 19 11 7429-7443
A New capability for Ca-41 analysis using CaF3- at the Xi'an-AMS Fu, YC Fu Yunchong 2019 438 162-165
Determination of Barium Isotopic Ratios in River Water on the Multiple Collector Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer Gou, LF Gou Longfei 2019 35 5 521-527
Li isotopes in the middle Yellow River: Seasonal variability, sources and fractionation Gou, LF Jin Zhangdong 2019 248 88-108
Effects of cone combinations on accurate and precise Mg-isotopic determination using multi-collector inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry Gou, LF Gou Longfei 2019 33 4 351-360
Measurements of lithium isotopic compositions in coal using MC-ICP-MS He, MY He Maoyong, Jin Zhangdong 2019 34 9 1773-1778
Elimination of boron memory effect for rapid and accurate boron isotope analysis by MC-ICP-MS using NaF He, MY He Maoyong 2019 34 1026-1032
Seasonal behavior of water-soluble organic nitrogen in fine particulate matter (PM2.5) at urban coastal environments in Hong Kong Ho, SSH Ho, Kin Fai 2019 12 4 389-399
Determination of Femtogram-Level Plutonium Isotopes in Environmental and Forensic Samples with High-Level Uranium Using Chemical Separation and ICP-MS/MS Measurement Hou, XL Hou Xiaolin 2019 91 18 11553-11561
Using a nitrogen and oxygen isotopic approach to identify nitrate sources and cycling in the Wei River of northwestern China Hu, J Liu Weiguo 2019 25 3 755-771
Primary emissions versus secondary formation of fine particulate matter in the most polluted city (Shijiazhuang) in North China Huang, RJ Huang Rujin 2019 19 4 2283-2298